photographer: tim lo / beauty: maggie wu / hair: haruka sato / talent: maggie wu, boa chen, victoria ngo / assistant: abel mazo / ALL GARMENTS AND JEWELLERY BY R.SONG



photographer: elle green




The aim of this body of work is to bring forth a deeper and nuanced understanding of Hong Kong/ Chinese culture

into a fashion space that is built on a Western framework. It’s purpose is to open conversation about Chinese design,

and alternate forms of fashion, by investigating into Hong Kong/ Chinese heritage, history, modernity and vernacular

identity, and bringing it into contemporary times. By pulling on my own cultural roots, I am able to design from an

honest, and respectable viewpoint to de-orientalise fashion. this body of work seeks to breed innovation that is

indigenous to one’s culture to nurture interest and value within a global society intellectually, aesthetically, and

respectfully. According to the Japanese artist Shinichiro Yoshida, he said “There’s no meaning to your work without the

context to your roots.” This led to the realisation of the importance of knowing one’s roots, and how this leads into design

that is true to one’s personal identity. this collection aims to give a voice to asian designers, to ENCOURAGE CULTURAL

RESPECT ANDUNDERSTANDING IN FASHION, and it is a love letter to hong kong, my home.